Friday, 12. 10. 2018
16.00-19.00 / DobraVaga

workshop with Rita Fürstenau and Alice Socal
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Like the artists of the Rotopol Mystery Show exhibition, workshop participants will receive a small box of small and unusual objects and try to link them into short narratives, which will then be drawn in the form of a comic or illustration. The workshop will be led by illustratror and Rotopol cofounder Rita Fürstenau and comics author Alice Socal.

Rita Fürstenau (1982, Berlin) is a German illustrator, designer and publisher. She studied Visual Communication with a focus on Illustration and Pedagogy in Kassel. In 2007, she cofounded the Rotopol publishing house, which specializes in publishing comics and visual stories. As an illustrator, she works for various clients, publishing her own work via Rotopol in the form of books, folding booklets, paper games, postcards, hand-printed sketchbooks, and textiles. In addition to her artistic and publishing activities, she is active as a teacher of fine arts and leads comics, illustration and silkscreen printing workshops. She lives and works in Kassel.

Alice Socal (1986, Venice) studied illustration and comics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and at HAW in Hamburg, where she graduated under Anke Feuchtenberger and Stefan Ricci. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, including at comics festivals in Treviso, Bologna, Linz and Hamburg. She works for various publishers and on different projects, from children’s comics to comic book reportage. She has published two comic books via Rotopol so far: Sandro (2016) and Cry Me a River (2017). She lives and works in Berlin, Hamburg and Venice.

The workshop will be held in English and is intended for participants older than 15 years. Apply at:

Organisation: Kino Šiška.
Free entry